Pot Equipment

Gujarat Nippon International Pvt Ltd is sole overseas partner of Maker Metallurgy Technology Company Limited, Shanghai to market and supply their products in India and other overseas markets.

The Pot Equipment and Furnace items manufactured by Maker Metallurgy Technology Company Limited are very well accepted in Galvanising lines and specially in Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) lines for their superior corrosion resistance.

» Download Sink Roll pdf brochure by GNIPL

Air Knife:

GNIPL offers three types of air knife with different structure.
With Special Air Knife design, upto total 40g/sqm (Double surface) coating weight can be achieved .

Maker-AK01 type:
Basic structure similar to Kohler type Air Knife.

Maker-AK02 type:
Advance structure with Multi-joint air injection similar to  FOEN/DUMA type Air Knife.

Maker-AK03 type:
Maker design advance structure with double-joint air injection.

We can provide following products:

  • Full set Air Knife
  • Air Knife assembly
  • Air Knife nozzle assembly
  • Side baffle
  • Lips
  • Lifting device
  • Mobile device