Pot Equipment

Gujarat Nippon International Pvt Ltd is sole overseas partner of Maker Metallurgy Technology Company Limited, Shanghai to market and supply their products in India and other overseas markets.

The Pot Equipment and Furnace items manufactured by Maker Metallurgy Technology Company Limited are very well accepted in Galvanising lines and specially in Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) lines for their superior corrosion resistance.

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Pot Equipment, Air Knife & Furnace Items for Galvanizing and Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) Lines:

Gujarat Nippon International Pvt Ltd offers all Pot Equipment manufactured by Maker like Sink Roll and Stabiliser Roll, Stellite Bushes , Arms, Air Knife and Furnace items like Ceramic Coated Rolls, Radiant tubes, Hot Bridle Rolls , Water cooled Rolls , Hearth Rolls , Snouts etc. for Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) and Galvanising Coating Lines.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Maker Metallurgy Technology Co. Ltd.

The applications

Galvanizing line, Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) line, Continuous Annealing furnaces, Color coating line and other steel mills

Heat-treatment industry

Incineration plant and other industrial fields

The products

Sinker roll, stabilizing roll, bush & sleeve, arms, snout, air knife, drosser, zinc pot, furnace roll, water cooling roll, hot bridle roll, deflector roll, radiant tube, furnace earth rolls, ceramic coated rolls  etc.

The material

SS316L (Ferrite free), Stellite 6...

1.4825, 1.4828, 1.4832, 1.4837, 1.4848, 1.4849, 1.4852, 1.4855, 1.4865, 2.4879...

HK, HH, HU, HT, HD...

SCH20, SCH21, SCH22, SCH23, SCH24...

ZG35Cr24Ni7SiN, ZG35CrMoA, Mn13Cr2, ZG40Cr25Ni20...
We have various range of materials for Zinc-Aluminium (Galvalume) and Galvanising lines.

The main technic

Centrifugal casting, Lost wax casting, Sand casting, Lost foam casting.

About Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

GNIPL can supply automatic hot dip galvanizing line with accurate control of coating thickness through most efficient air knives (manual/automatic). The hot dip galvanizing line consists of an acid bath or an annealing furnace and zinc pot. We offer cost-effective customization to meet the customer's specific application needs and budget. Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most important processes to protect steel from corrosion. Zinc is applied onto the steel strip by passing through a molten zinc bath where strip also acquires defined mechanical properties (e.g. formability, paintability, weldability).

According to the final application, we can provide different line configurations for zinc and  zinc-aluminum alloys coating.

  • Zinc coating for different coating thickness and paintability (cost effective material)
  • Zinc-aluminum for better weldability and formability
  • Aluminum-zinc for better corrosion resistance

Thermal treatment of the strip before galvanizing pots is a key step to ensure a perfect result in galvanizing process. We have the technology to develop high performing furnaces. For better corrosion resistance, the strip passes through a passivation section with a Chemical Coater, specifically designed.